Tuition and Affordability

When you enroll your child at O’Neal, you join a community where your child will be known, 有价值的, 和培养. 您的孩子将由一个充满激情的教育专业团队教授,他们努力了解每一个学生. Supported by this personalized partnership, students develop academically and socially to meet their full potential. At O’Neal we cultivate character, critical thinking, physical well-being, 创造力, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills which, joined by a rigorous academic program, form the base of our college preparatory institution.
2023-2024 Tuition
Pre-Kindergarten 3 and 4 (Half-Day Program)
Pre-Kindergarten 3 and 4 (Full Day Program)
Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten
Grades 1 through 4
Grades 5 through 6
Grades 7 through 12


9th Grade Merit Scholarships

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  • The Hannah Marie Bradshaw Scholarship

    The Hannah Marie Bradshaw Scholarship is given in memory of Hannah Marie Bradshaw, whose enthusiasm, 好奇心, and spirit of friendship enhanced the character of her O’Neal class. 她喜欢澳门新葡京娱乐,认为这是一个积极的地方,可以帮助她发挥真正的潜力. The Hannah Marie Bradshaw Scholarship is a $6,1万美元的奖学金,提供给一个正在升入九年级的学生,他目前不是奥尼尔的学生,但他的家庭证明有经济需求. 只要学生的累计平均绩点保持在3,奖学金每年都可以延续到12年级.5 (B+) or greater.
  • The Helen Pringle Holmberg Scholarship

    海伦·玛丽·普林格尔·霍姆伯格奖学金是由霍姆伯格家族为纪念他们的女儿而颁发的, 1997届学生,奥尼尔学院第一位约翰·莫特利·莫尔黑德奖学金获得者. 该奖学金的资格要求与莫尔黑德学院类似, focusing on leadership, 奖学金, moral force of character, and physical vigor. 被提名者是从所有在澳门新葡京娱乐完成至少两个学期的九年级学生中挑选出来的,并且累计学术平均成绩在a -或以上. 该奖学金涵盖了一个上升的九年级学生高中学费的75%. 只要学生的累计平均绩点保持在3,奖学金每年都可以延续到12年级.5 (B+) or greater. 
  • 如何申请?

    Applications for these two 奖学金s are highly competitive. Once fully enrolled, 申请者必须在4月初之前完成并提交奖学金包. 然后,奖学金委员会会对申请材料进行审核,筛选出最终入围者,邀请他们到校园参加面试. After interviews are completed, the Scholarship Committee will select one applicant for each 奖学金.


我们的经济援助计划是强大的,可获得的,有利于各种各样的家庭.  我们的受托人和管理人员通过每年分配超过100万美元的运营资金用于基于需求的经济援助,优先考虑奥尼尔的社会经济多样性.  More than 30% of students currently attending O’Neal receive financial aid. While O’Neal cannot meet the full need of every student, financial aid can help offset full tuition costs. Each family must contribute a minimum of 25% of tuition per board policy.

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  • More on 金融援助

    经济援助适用于K年级到12年级的奥尼尔学生,他们目前正在入学,也适用于已经入学的新生. The financial aid process is separate from the 招生 process, 但是我们建议未来的家庭同时提交入学申请和经济援助申请. 入学申请是每个学生申请的,而经济援助申请是每个家庭申请的. 入学申请和经济援助申请都是通过FACTS提交的.

    FACTS审查每个经济援助申请,并在必要时要求家庭提供支持文件. 考虑因素包括但不限于:应税收入和非应税收入, 储蓄, 资产, 负债, 家庭规模, number of students in tuition charging schools, as well as any special circumstances. Much of the information requested is found on a family’s 1040 IRS form.

    事实为奥尼尔财政援助委员会提供了澳门新葡京娱乐援助分配的建议. 财政援助委员会在决策过程中使用这些建议. 请注意,经济援助申请人必须完成入学程序, received an enrollment contract/tuition agreement, 在经济援助委员会处理他们的经济援助申请之前,他们支付了10%的入学押金.


Opportunity Scholarship

Opportunity Scholarship is a North Carolina program that assists families, that make below a certain amount of income, with paying tuition at participating non-public schools. The 奖学金 covers tuition and fees with awards up to $4,200.00 ($2,100 per semester).

Tuition Payment Plan Options

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  • Two-Month Payment Plan

    10%的学费押金和杜瓦的学费退款溢价在入学合同上注明的日期到期. The remaining 90% of tuition is due and payable in two installments, as follows: 45% due July 5 and 45% due November 5.
  • Four-Month Payment Plan

    10%的学费押金和杜瓦的学费退款溢价在入学合同上注明的日期到期. 剩余90%的学费将分四期支付,具体如下.5% due July 5, 22.5% due September 5, 22.5% due November 5, and 22.5% due January 5. 该计划要求每个学生支付300美元的管理费,并于7月支付.
  • Nine-Month Payment Plan

    10%的学费押金和杜瓦的学费退款溢价在入学合同上注明的日期到期. 其余90%的学费从6月开始,到2月结束,按月等额支付. 该计划要求每个学生支付300美元的管理费,并于6月支付.
  • Full Payment Plan

O'Neal School admits students of any race, color, 宗教, 性, 国家的起源, 年龄, 残疾, 资深地位, genetic information, 公民身份, 性ual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other basis protected by law to all the rights, 特权, 项目, 以及一般给予或提供给学生的活动. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, 宗教, 性, 国家的起源, 年龄, 残疾, 资深地位, genetic information, 公民身份, 性ual orientation, gender identity or expression, 或其他法律保护之教育政策执行依据, admissions policies, 奖学金 and loan 项目, and athletic and other school-administered 项目.